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Arkansas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Arkansas has enacted a state statute covering debt collection, containing state-specific licensing requirements for debt collectors. The law also provides a few rules designed to protect consumers from harassing or oppressive debt collection practices such as publishing lists of “deadbeat” debtors, using profanity or vulgarity, pretending to be a law enforcement official, making threats of violence, or contacting a debtor’s place of employment without exhausting other options first. These rules closely mimic the requirements of the FDCPA.

If you believe that a collector has behaved inappropriately while attempting to collect a debt from you in Arkansas, our attorneys can help you to determine whether the FDCPA or Arkansas law provides you with a legal remedy.

To learn more about the FDPCA, go to Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

Arkansas Fair Debt Collection Practices Act § 17-24-101 through 17-24-404.

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