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A B O U T (WSDC) is part of the professional law firm of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® (K&M·CLC), founded in 1995 by attorneys Adam J. Krohn and Gregory H. Moss.

The TCPA - Telephone Consumer Protection Act
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Unwanted Emails, Text Messages, and Faxes
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act: Changes in Established Business Relationships and Prior Express Consent
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act: What Does it Apply To?
Determining Whether Prior Express Consent has Been Given has Become More Nuanced
Lawsuit Against Twitter for Sending Text Messages to Recycled Phone Numbers
Companies are Concerned About Misinterpreting Provisions of the TCPA
The Definition of a “Called Party” as Addressed by the 7th and 11th Circuits
Revoking Prior Express Consent Under the TCPA
TCPA Exception Made for Certain Health Care Related Calls Covered by HIPPA
Prior Express Consent Under the TCPA and Transactions that Resulted in Debt
TCPA Mandates Clarified by the FCC
Creditors vs. Debt Collectors Under the FDCPA
Does There Need to be a Finding of Bad Faith for Attorney Fees or Costs to be Awarded to a Defendant in FDCPA Cases?
Violations of the TCPA and Possible Damages
Damages and Remedies Available Under the FDCPA
Receiving Unwanted Telemarketing Calls?: Place Your Name on the Do-Not-Call Registry
Collectors May Attempt to Collect on Old Debt: Be Aware when a Debt is too Old for a Collector to Sue for
Debt Buyers not Licensed in Illinois Can Have Third Party Collectors Attempt to Collect for them within the State
Is a Debt Collector Attempting to Collect Multiple Debts From You?
Fourth Circuit Holds that Debtors are Permitted by the FDCPA to Orally Dispute Debts
Are Creditors Calling you at Work?: If you Tell the Creditor not to They are Violating the Law
Have you Received Phone Calls from People Attempting to Collect on Loans that Do Not Exist?
Have You Given Telemarketers Prior Express Consent Under the TCPA?
Have You Been Receiving Calls from Debt Collectors About the Debts of Deceased Relatives?
How the TCPA Applies to Unwanted Emails and Text Messages
An Overview of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
Validation of Debt Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
How Consumers can be Contacted: Protections and Purpose of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Explained
Mims v. Arrow Financial Services, LLC: Lawsuits Stemming from Automated Phone Calls Can be Brought in Federal or State Courts
Vincent v. The Money Store: Broadens the “False Name” Exception to the FDCPA
Debt Collectors Cannot Engage in Conduct that Harasses a Consumer When Attempting to Collect a Debt
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Wants to Hear from Consumers about their Bad Experiences with Debt Collectors
Lenders are not Required to Report to the Three Credit Bureaus
Debt of a Loved One After Death
What Corporations Should Know About the FCC’s New Telemarketing Rules: Effective October 16, 2013
Advice on Proper Collection and the Use of Mobile Phone Numbers Given by Federal Agencies
Defendants Will Pay $1 Million to Settle the First Case Brought by the FTC that Alleges Text Messages Were Used in an Illegal Debt Collection Scheme
The Better Business Bureau Advises Consumers About Legitimate Debt Collectors vs. Scammers
Express Consent Can be Revoked Under New TCPA Ruling
Recent Seventh Circuit Decision finds that Attorney's Faxes Were Unsolicited Advertisements Under the TCPA
Learn how the Experienced Attorneys at Krohn and Moss Can Help Fellow Lawyers and Law Firms: What Happens Under the FDCPA When an Attorney “Regularly” Collects Debts?
Making the Removal of Negative Credit Information from Your Credit Report Part of Your Negotiation with Debt Collectors
Mistake of Identity Results in Negative Information on Credit Report
Further Crackdowns on Abusive Debt Collectors: FTC Issues Fines and Steps up FDCPA Enforcement to Protect You
US Consumer Bureau Plans to Crackdown on Abusive Debt Collectors
Telephone Calls that are Manually Dialed May Still Violate the TCPA
Collecting the Debts of the Deceased
TCPA Damages Ruled to be Remedial in Illinois
What Consumers Should Know About Your Credit Cards
Do You Have Errors on Your Credit Report? How to Handle Them
Proper Venue for FDCPA Actions: Where the Required Location of Your Case Must Be
Consumer Attorneys Provide Simple but Effective Tips for Consumers on How to Deal with a Ruthless Debt Collector
The TCPA and Unwanted Text Messages
When Debt Collectors Call the Wrong Person
Debt Collectors Attempting to Collect on Student Loans May Receive Lower Commissions
Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Upholds Statute of Limitations in Civil Damages Case Against Debt Collector
Debt Collection Harassment on Facebook
Some Debt Collectors Seek Money You Don't Owe
Zombie Debt - Bringing Dead Debt to Life
Mine is a federal debt and is worse than bankruptcy?
California Debt Collector Harassment
NCO called my ex husband
Is the Penalty for Unsolicited Faxes Insurable?
FTC Vigorously Enforces the FDCPA against Debt Collectors
Overview of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - FDCPA
Accepting Rusty Car Was Big Mistake
Debt I do not owe
Mortgage Foreclosure is Debt Collection; According to Court
Debt Collection Harassment Complaints on the Increase
Debt Collectors use of Social Media Sites Draws US Regulation
TCPA and Do-Not-Call Lists; What and How They Work
Receiving phone calls nonstop every day
New TCPA Changes Go into Effect in 2013
Debt collection laws in Florida
FDCPA and Student Loan Debt
Pre-Recorded Calls Do Not Violate the FDCPA
Fight Phantom Debt with Debt Validation
Cell Phone Lemon Law Wins House Approval
Debt Collectors Using Facebook to Find You
Local Woman Gets Refund After Mini Van Doors Open While Driving
Atchoo - Sufficiency of a Complaint Required for an FDCPA
FDCPA and Time-Barred Debts
Al Franken’s New Bid to Strengthen FDCPA, Protect Patient Rights
All Communications from Debt Collectors Can Be Used as Evidence Against Them
Civil Liability of Debt Collectors
Debt Validation
California's RFDCPA is similar to the Federal FDCPA
The Recession Gives Collection Agencies a Boost
North Star is harassing my parents.
Things you should know about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Does the FDCPA apply to small businesses?
Notifications from Debt Collectors Under the RFDCPA
The Ugly Side Of Debt Collection Companies
California Debt Liability when Spouses Separate
A Supreme Court Ruling May Discourage Consumers From Debt Collection Lawsuits
Electronic Messages Are Harassment
Why People Get Into Credit Card Debts
Contacted my husband's cell/work phone
Georgia’s Lemon Law Helps Keep New Car Purchases From Going Sour
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act
Avoid Buying a Lemon Car
Florida Debt Collection Laws Require Valid Registration by Debt Collection Companies
FDCPA: Does a Blank Voicemail Always Count as Notification?
A Lemon Car can outsmart you only if you let it
NCO Can be Sued for Harassing You
How to Teach a Debt Collector the Disappearing Act
Does the FDCPA Allow Collectors to Contact a Deceased Debtor's Relatives?
Debt Collector Harassment Can Impact Your Personal and Professional Life
Allow me to pay what I don’t owe!
Stop phony debt collector harassment
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Debt Collectors
The FDCPA Protects You From Debt Collectors
Debt collection agencies that violate the FDCPA
Legal Rights Under the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Recession a Good Time to Negotiate Credit Card Debt
Debt Collection Laws Prohibit Trespassing on Consumers Property
Calvary Portfolio services asks for someone else
Americans Carry $1 Trillion in Credit Card Debt
Debt Collectors Must Send a Consumer Notice
Lithuania Debt Collector Uses Witchcraft
Al Franken's End Debt Collector Abuse Act
My wife has suffered 2 severe nervous breakdowns
The Good, Bad and the Ugly in Debt Collection Business
Harassing for an already paid loan
Complaints About Harassment by California Debt Collectors