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Avoid Buying a Lemon Car

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2011-04-22 12:00 am
People approach car-buying with an inherent sense of apprehension because they don't want to buy somebody else's problems.
They are afraid
  • They will get taken
  • Unwittingly buy a lemon
  • End up with something they don't want
  • Pay way more than the car is worth

Most car buyers start out blind.They figure the salesman will have their best interests at heart and will give them a good deal. Study up on the subject; go out armed with knowledge, and buy smart.

HOW TO AVOID BUYING A LEMON?Rid yourself of the fancy notion that the car salesman cares about you.The bottom line is the car salesman cares about himself. If you're not expecting him to rip you off, you may not even recognize it. Consider the car If it's a new car:
  • Once in a while, a new one comes off the assembly line complete with problems
  • Will the dealership fix the car?

If it's a used car:
  • Is there any warranty remaining?
  • What does it cover, and what does it not cover?
  • What happens if the thing just quits on you?
  • What if the master cylinder goes out?
  • The battery proves to be moribund after two days
  • If all the tires go flat at once?
  • Will the dealership help you?
  • Will they come get the car?
  • What about a loaner?

Before you buy, negotiate all these little extras, and get them in writing. If you're buying a used car you may want to know
  • Who owned the car before
  • What kind of problems they had with the car
  • Did they furnish documents to validate the repairs they say they made
  • Tell them firmly that you want your mechanic to check the car out

If the car salesman does not cooperate
  • Go elsewhere
  • Look for a dealership that will give you at least 30 days to determine if the car is a lemon has effectively represented a number of clients in lemon car cases.In case, the car salesman has already taken you, you are not alone. Visit to fill the form for a free evaluation of your case.We will help you get a refund for the car and let you retain the car too, depending on your state Lemon Law while the Manufacturers/dealers pay your attorney fee.
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