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Calvary Portfolio services asks for someone else

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2009-02-06 12:00 am
One collection agency called Calvary Portfolio services called my mother’s home on a Sunday afternoon asking for someone named Buckner which is not us. They called many times before but ignore the fact that we told them that no Buckner lives here and we do not know a Buckner. Portfolio Recovery has called my mother’s house numerous times looking for a person named Joyner, she told them each time no Joyner lives there and we do not know a Joyner. I have called them twice about this issue and each time they tell me they took my mother’s number out of their database. The numbers are all 800 numbers I had to *69 them because my mother is elderly and doesn't know how to confront them. Can I get a list of 800 numbers that called from my phone company? My mother’s number is in my name, and I have had this number for years. I have no debt in collection myself and my credit/debt/liabilities are current with a high FICO score. My mother owes nothing and is not in any default. Do I have cause for legal action beyond filing a complaint with the FTC?
Tags : Debt Collection, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fdcpa

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