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Harassing for an already paid loan

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2009-01-07 12:00 am
I have been getting calls regularly from toll free numbers asking me to pay up for a student loan of $3500 which they allege I had taken in 2004. There are different callers every time and they identify themselves as collectors from a financial company which is with NCO. The calls range from three to four times a day. They call on my personal number and work phone number too. They also leave voice mails which I have saved. They told me they will attach my wages if I don’t pay the debt. They even called my Dad’s number and told him about my loan. It has become a very embarrassing family issue now. I have also been yelled at by these people to repay the debt immediately.

I do not owe any agency any money because I have repaid the student loan that I had taken. I also have the Zero Balance Letter which was given after the full payment of the loan (in the year 2008). I sent them the paperwork showing my repayment of the loan in full. I repeatedly told the callers that I did not have to pay any loan and they were not authorized to call me or my father about any loan. Even after such requests the callers have not stopped calling me. I am being harassed and this is leading to a rise in my blood pressure and other anxiety related medical conditions.

The worst part of all this is they have put this on my credit scores. Now my credit rating has plummeted. This whole issue has created a negative feeling among my colleagues leading to a blemished image in the work place. I will appreciate if someone could post suggestions for coming out of this murky situation.

Robert Dilly
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