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NCO called my ex husband

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2013-04-30 4:53 pm

NCO bought my debt from Am Express. They called my ex husband and told him he was responsible for 1/2 of the bill and they would sue, him for at least 1/2 if not all, they would lien his house and garnish his wages. I called AMEx and they said he is not the cardholder. I contacted NCO-Beverly and she gave me the same response said I had until 1/30 to get together at least 15,000 to pay the debt down to a reasonable amount or they would sue, garnish, lien all of the above. They call me about 3 times every day. I have started making payments of 100.00 and she said it was not good enough. I had dealt with them previously and they threatened the same thing. I was so rattled when my ex called that when I called her she got my work address, phone, wages, and cell #. I told her this could place my job at risk. She didn't care. I also told her I could not come up with that kind of money and she said I had to by tomorrow have an answer for her or she would sue my ex and me. I have called her back after I contacted AMEX and left her a voice mail to not contact my ex again as it was not his debt, not to call me at work because I could lose my job and that I was not done with this issue and she would hear from me tomorrow.

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