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The TCPA - Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2014-08-11 2:19 pm

Whether you are at home relaxing or out on the town, you expect your time to be enjoyable. When you are receiving unsolicited calls or texts, however, the reality may be different. These calls and texts can become more than bothersome, adding stress to your everyday life and affecting you in a noticeable way. When they are constant, you feel that there is very little you can do. Make sure that you are not just giving up, though. Everyone should protect their rights when in this situation, especially since many of them violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Make sure that you are not allowing businesses to take advantage of you and are not violating your rights. If you find that they are, contact a legal professional immediately. A robo call or cell phone abuse, as examples, should cause you to get in touch with someone as soon as possible. Your reward in such a cash may be large, allowing you to earn back what was lost or more.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, was passed in 1991. Since then, it has expanded to include more forms of communication. The continued growth means that it includes several modes of communication, including landlines, faxes, cell phone calls, and text messages. While businesses may contact you at certain points, speaking with you person to person and at the appropriate time, there is a lot that they cannot do. Both individuals and businesses are protected under this act, too, so everyone can gain from it if they are receiving unsolicited calls or texts. Make sure that you learn more about what this act covers, what you can gain from suing a business that violates your rights, and how to get started.

Plenty is covered under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. A few examples is time restriction of calling based on local times, there is to be no unwanted text messages, no unsolicited fax, no use of an auto-dialer, and no cell phone abuse in general. Businesses reaching out to consumers are required to follow this act and those that do not are in direct violation of your rights. As a citizen, you are protected under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, giving you the right to take action if a business attempts to contact you in any way prohibited. As it continues to grow, the TCPA will take into consideration the number of ways that businesses may contact you, staying updated to avoid harassment and unsolicited contact.

Make sure that you understand your rights when a business does contact you. If it is through the cell phone, it is cell phone abuse. It does not matter if it is an unsolicited text or call, they cannot contact you through a cell phone. They also cannot robo call you by using an auto-dialer, which sends an automated message to random numbers. Businesses also cannot send an unsolicited fax that contains advertisements. Whether you are contacted personally or through your business, your rights are violated if they are doing something that goes against the act.

When you feel that a business is violating your rights, make sure that you contact a law firm. Getting in touch with someone immediately will give you the opportunity to protect your rights as soon as you can. Do not allow a business to continue to harass you in any way, regardless of how they are doing it. Any unwanted text, call, or fax is in violation of your rights, and no business should be allowed to break the law. With the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you are in the right here.

For every call or violation, you can receive up to $1,500, or what you lost if that amount is more. By contacting someone, you can begin to build your case. By saving the evidence, staying on top of the situation, and doing this as soon as possible, you can earn the most amount of money that you are owed. Since the business violated your rights, they are going to have to pay the full amount if found guilty.

Do not fear the process or fear any business. When they are sending you an unsolicited text, call, or fax, they are at fault here. There is no reason for you to continue being harassed when they are breaking the law by doing so. This is a serious crime that they should be held accountable for, which, in this case, means paying a large amount of money per call or violation, or paying back what you are owed from losses that occurred from their actions. Calling for legal assistance immediately will set you up for taking the business to court. You will have the chance to build a stronger case, avoiding future harassment while earning money that you are owed.

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