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Why People Get Into Credit Card Debts

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2012-05-21 12:00 am
Millions of Americans are now immersed in personal consumer debts – especially credit card debt. The good news is that there are also many debt repayment techniques to help consumers free themselves from their debt. There are likewise thousands of debt management companies to help consumers accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

To prevent the problem from recurring, however, it is important to understand why people get into debts that they cannot repay. American society has countless opportunities to make money. In this country, people start making a living working early in their lives. Once financially independent, consumers have the temptation of spending. Consumerism runs rampant, and everyone else seems to be spending. Thus, spending habits get out of control because consumers obtain credit cards that allow them to buy whatever they wish to at the outset, before their income can support these purchases.

Little do consumers remember at that time that they will need to repay. The small minimum repayment balance often tempts cardholders to consider buying what they cannot afford. If a consumer were to buy an expensive Television set with a credit card repayment of $45.00 per month, it seems a very easy option, as compared to living without that Television set.

This Television set may lead to some expensive gifts for Christmas and then a trip to Bahamas for the holidays. After a point, it becomes difficult to stop, and before they realize they are completely in a debt trap.

A credit card is a curse when it comes to the spending habits of individuals in our country. Approximately half of the credit card holders in America pay only the minimum monthly payment. Only a very few actually repay the credit card bills on time. If, however, an individual can get over the temptation of buying with plastic money, he can redeem himself from debts.

If you have decided to free yourself from debt, the first step is to write down your income and expenses. Where possible, you should cut down the expenses by marking them unnecessary. You can budget the number of times you are eating out, the expensive cosmetics, the clothes that you buy etc. Expenses like college fees or medicines can be estimated over time. Now, budget your expenses to match your income and write down how much you can save.

The extra savings that you accrue can now be used for debt repayment. Of course the savings may seem very little at first, but a persistent effort can work magic in the long run.

Once you have started saving and started using that money to clear your debts, it is easier to fall into the habit of saving similarly even after the debt is completely repaid. This habit will ensure you don't repeat the same patterns that originally led you into debt.
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