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Georgia Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Georgia has not enacted a separate state law that is substantially different from the FDCPA.

Georgia’s state law on debt collection applies only to certain loans, and mimics and closely mirrors the FDCPA. It provides additional protection from trespass, public disclosures, and visits to the debtor at unreasonable hours.

Like the Federal law, Georgia law provides for statutory damages to a consumer victim. Under Georgia law, however, this remedy is $100 or two times the amount of interest the victim has been charged. If you believe that a collector has behaved inappropriately while attempting to collect a debt from you in Georgia, our attorneys can help you to determine whether the FDCPA or Georgia law provides you with a legal remedy.

To learn more about the FDPCA, go to Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

Georgia Industrial Loan Act, Ga. Code Ann. § 7-3-14; §§ 16-17-1 et seq.

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