Hawaii Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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Hawaii’s state law on debt collection mimics, and closely mirrors, the FDCPA. Like the Federal law, Hawaii law provides for statutory damages to a consumer victim. Hawaii, however, allows for an award of “treble damages,” or three times a consumer’s actual damages, or an award of $1,000, whichever is larger. Victims over the age of 62, moreover, can recover statutory damages of up to $10,000 under Hawaii law.

If you believe that a collector has behaved inappropriately while attempting to collect a debt from you in Hawaii, our attorneys can help you to determine whether the FDCPA or Hawaii law provides you with a legal remedy.

To learn more about the FDPCA, go to Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

Hawaii Fair Debt Collection Law, Hawaii Revised Statutes Sections 443B-1 to 443B-20.

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