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Call Log Information

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Step 1: Document every conversation you have with debt collectors immediately, whatever the mode of communication may be - whether in person, telephone call, letter, email or fax, etc.
Step 2: Make a detailed log entry of each conversation. Keep this log next to your telephone. 
Step 3:Save every voice mail and record telephone conversations if your state laws allow you to do so. 
Step 4: Save all collection letters and other messages from debt collectors.
Step 5: Save every part of every communication. Do not throw away any piece of communication like an envelope, even if it seems unimportant to you.

For each telephone call, you should record:

Date of the Call:
Time of the Call:
Duration of the Call:
Collector's Name:
Collection Agency's Name:
Collection Agency's telephone number and address:

Other details you should note, if applicable, include:

  1. Amount demanded
  2. Terms of payment proposed
  3. Language if abusive
  4. Any threats
  5. If the collector contacted third parties
  6. Any other specific information
  7. Any physical visits to residence
  8. Any other harassment

Click here to Download Call Log Sheet

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