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I appreciate what you and your law firm have done for us in the past

I appreciate what you and your law firm have done for us in the past. Literally if it wasn't for you and your firm we would not have a home right now.

- Richard Minnich

I am well pleased with your service

Thank you for all your help. I am well pleased with your service and will recommend you to others that may be in need of the services you offer. - Brenda Mayo

- Brenda Mayo, Florida

Excellent work from all the Team

Excellent work from all the Team, As you know I am just the consumer who had enough unlawful harassment I could not have beat this holy host of Corp Lawyers without Ted Green although the defendant fought with all they could the truth came out me prior USAF and Ted ( Prior Army) with an Army/Air Force Knock out combo.

Thanks to all.... from the Penny Family

- Franklin Penny, Alabama

Extremely quick resolution of FDCPA Case

Hello Mike,

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!
I am literally blown away by your ability to settle this case so rapidly, eliminate extreme, unnecessary stress and anxiety from my life, and to obtain a settlement for statutory damages! You have absolutely made my day.

Thanks to all.... from the Penny Family

I'm incredibly grateful for your kindness and for answering all of my questions. Thank God there are law firms like Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®!

I received an e-mail from Cynthia Lloyd with an attached W-9 and the release form. I will get the release notarized over the weekend and fax both documents to Cynthia, as requested, on Monday. Attached to this email are scanned copies of my voided check and the W-9 form.

Kind and Sincere Regards,
Vickie Mandras

- Vickie Mandras, Indiana

Negotiate cases with remarkable expeditiousness

I originally contacted the Consumer Law Center in a panic to put an end to a very aggressive collection agency's illegal attack. I later found that I had other situations that needed the assistance of this law firm and in less than a year we have settled all of our cases. I could not be any more pleased with this firm and their ability to negotiate cases expeditiously. - J. Silva

- Janson Silva, California

Prompt and Quality Service towards FDCPA Case Settlement

Dear Mr. Krohn,

As a satisfied client of your firm, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your firm, yourself and particularly, the attorney handling my case, Mr. Nicholas Bontrager.

He believed in my case and produced results. He is very competent, and zealous. More importantly, he has gone above and beyond what I expected, as both a consumer and customer-5 star service.

I have and will continue to refer consumers to your firm-hopefully-attaining justice, one consumer at a time.

Ali Abdullah

- Ali Abdullah, California

Timely Settlement of FDCPA Case


We are most happy with how quickly and efficently things were done on our behalf and have already mentioned you to many friends and family.

We will get the cancelled check to you asap.

thank you so very much for handling this case for us in such a timely manner. I thought it would go on forever!

Settling this case so quickly really brings much relieve to us.

thank you so much again
Dennis and Linda Pinkelman

- Linda Pinkelman, California

With Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® I was in safe and sure hands

Dear Mr. Agruss,

Thank you so much for all your help and compassion. You took such great and quick care of me and my situation. You really are the best and I am sure your other clients feel the same way. Thank you for taking me seriously and making me feel important and not like a low life who isn't able to pay all her debts like everyone else. Again thank you so much for your diligent and successful work you did for me. One more thing, I have already spoken to a few of my friends about you and how awesome you are and believe me if one needs to contact a lawyer, I will give them your number.

Kristina Ruiz

- Kristina Ruiz,California

Outstanding service with professionalism and knowledge

Thank you for all your help on this matter. You have provided me with outstanding service. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Most of all your professionalism and knowledge on subjects we discussed. You are well versed and its obvious you know what you are talking about. I will gladly refer others to you and the law center

- Ross, Kimberly -California

Appreciate all your help

I just wanted to thank you and all your staff in handling my case and doing such a great job with my case.

I really appreciate all you help.

Specially to Nick Bontrager. he was easy to work with and was very helpful. Once again.

Thanks to all,


- Sunny Singh, California


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