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How Can I File a Complaint Against Debt Collector Harassment?

Victims of every type of injustice or crime should never be blamed. They have done nothing wrong; rather, the wrongdoer is entirely at fault. The problem is that many consumers with past due debt blame themselves for... Read More


Checklist for Debt Collection Harassment

Companies and debt collection agencies have the law on their side when they legally attempt to collect past due amounts from consumers. However, federal and state laws draw a line in the sand that which a collection... Read More


How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment?

Companies large and small will sometimes go to any length to collect unpaid debts from customers. Sometimes, their collection attempts rise to the level of harassment and may violate a number of laws designed to... Read More


Know your legal rights: Debt Collector Harassment

Understand up front, debt collectors can and will contact you by phone and by mail. They can contact you on your cell phone and at your office desk phone. They can even contact your friends, family, and neighbors. With... Read More


How can I Stop Debt Harassment and what is the Law?

The methods and means by which debt collectors attempt to retrieve unpaid money from debtors is almost limitless. The collection attempt may be from the original creditor, from hired collectors, or from third party... Read More


Top Five Debt Collector Phone Tactics

Debt collection agencies make a living out of convincing debtors to make good on past due debts. Often times, these agencies have purchased the bad debt from the original creditor at discount, hoping to make a profit... Read More


Top 10 tips on what to do if you’re being harassed by a Debt Collector

Debt collection is a highly regulated affair. Debt collection agencies not only have to obey all federal laws related to debt collection consumer rights, but they also have to obey state laws that touch upon the matter... Read More


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