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New Hampshire Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

New Hampshire has enacted a state debt collection law which closely tracks and parallels the federal FDCPA. The New Hampshire law, however, applies to original creditors – those who lent the money – as well as to the debt collectors who they hire or to whom they sell the debt.

The New Hampshire law, like the FDCPA, allows consumers to sue and to obtain actual or statutory damages, as well as attorneys’ fees. Federal law, however, allows victims to recover up to $1,000 in statutory fees, while state law provides for only up to $200.

If you believe that a collector has behaved inappropriately while attempting to collect a debt from you in New Hampshire, our attorneys can help you to determine whether the FDCPA or New Hampshire law provides you with a legal remedy.

To learn more about the FDPCA, go to Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

New Hampshire Revised Statute, Title XXXI, Chapter 358-C (358-C:1).

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