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Allow me to pay what I don’t owe!

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2010-09-23 12:00 am
I am a well placed senior employee in an automobile agency and lead a big team. I was respected for my work ethics until recently when I started getting calls from a debt collector at my work place. He at first called my boss (who is also my father) which in turn gave me a tarnished image with my boss. After persistent trials I reached the person who called my boss. I clearly told him that I did not have the credit mentioned by him and I did not own a credit card with the bank he referred.

The debt collector has been calling my boss despite my telling him that he was neither authorized to call my boss nor my office phone. I have been telling him that I would be glad to pay off if the debt was mine. I call their office frequently only to be transferred from one person to the other with no result in end. I called the bank to find out the problem but they told me that they had sold the account to another collection agency.

We are a rapidly expanding company and because of these calls, we are being discussed in the industry. My situation has become a joke to my colleagues.

I am at my wit’s end as to what kind of debt existed on a non existent credit card and why is it that when I am ready to pay this non existent debt, I cannot reach someone credible? 

Linda McHardy
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