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How to Teach a Debt Collector the Disappearing Act

Adam J Krohn / Posted: 2011-01-28 12:00 am
Third-party debt collectors and junk debt buyers can be a nightmare for anybody who finds himself on their hit list. We often read and hear horror stories from the innocent victims of debt collectors. Debt validation, debt verification, and cease & desist letters can be effective tools to put a third-party debt collector or junk debt buyer at bay. Have you ever dreamt of the debt collector who is harassing you disappearing into the thin air? There are certain steps you can take to help make this dream a reality: 
  • Maintain a file with all the correspondence and written communications between you and the collector
  • Demand that the collector send you a verification of the debt he is seeking to collect
  • Send the collector a certified letter telling him to stop all communications, sent by certified mail with a return receipt requested
  • CC the Attorney General in your state and the one in the state of the debt collector on your cease and desist letter
  • If the collector is an attorney or has claimed to be one, cc the Bar Association for your state and to the one for the state of collector on your cease and desist letter
  • Include the ccs in bold letters on all documents sent to the debt collector, and include the USPS tracking numbers, if possible
  • Keep a log of all telephone calls from the collector

Be pro-active and let the debt collector know that you know your rights and that you refuse to be bullied by him. Some debt collectors will be intimidated by your knowledge and will, in fact, disappear into the thin air. You have nothing to lose except the debt collector. 

Some debt collectors, however, will not stop even if you take these steps. If this happens to you or if you are unable to take the steps listed above, you can retain an attorney to stop the harassment. Once a debt collector has been informed that you have hired an attorney, and further contact with you is a violation of federal law. Visit for more information if you are a victim of harassment or abuse by an unlawful debt collector. We protect consumers from bad debt collectors by providing legal assistance, and we can help stop unlawful debt collectors for free, and possibly get you cash compensation for the harassment you have suffered.
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